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29 May 2020


单独房子 5-卧室 100 平方米
罗勇, Baan Phe
Between Ban Phe and Mae Phim
土地面积 1400 Wah   ( 1 Wah = 4 平方米 )

出售的价格 8900 0000泰銖    -   泰国公司
Updated 16-10-2019

  • 卧室 - 5
  • 卫生间 - 4
  • 到海边的距离 - 200 米
  • 海景: 没有
  • 蓄水池: 私有的

  • 空调 - 3
  • 厨房
  • 微波炉
  • 电/煤气灶
  • 冰箱
  • 洗衣机
  • 电视机
  • 保管箱
  • 互联网 无线通讯

  • Now on the market for sale, 2.5 hours from Bangkok airport, halfway
    between the villages Ban Phe and Laem Mae Phim and 20 minutes
    from the fairy island Koh Samet, you will find CET Ц Center of
    Excellence Thailand. This stunning 4 rai (6400m2) resort complex is
    situated just 100m from Chackpong beach, one of the best beaches
    between Bangkok and Cambodia.

    The first building behind the golden gates is the impressive ФThai
    CastleФ, a unique 1500m2 creation with luxurious rooms and spacious
    wrap around terraces. There are 8 bedrooms and 3 apartments in this
    building as well as kitchens, sitting rooms and bathrooms. The Thai
    style buildings are all surrounded by lush gardens with a mixture of
    coconut palms and fruit trees (banana, mango, papaya, etc.).

    Beyond the castle there is one 3 bedroom house (110 m2) and three 6
    bedroom buildings (230 m2) all luxuriously built, and like the castle all
    with a unique quality. These individual 6 bedroom houses all have fully
    equipped kitchens, dining rooms, upstairs and downstairs lounges and
    terraces over looking the gardens.
    The property boasts a total of 33 bedrooms with more than 70 beds. As
    well as the accommodation buildings there is a designated conference
    building to comfortably seat up to 50 people.

    To facilitate relaxation and enjoyment of the property there is a beautiful
    swimming pool and Jacuzzi, a tennis court, a field for boule, small
    football pitch, volleyball court, shuffle board, table tennis, fitness room
    and a playground for children. The ground also has ample space for
    future construction.
    Within 250m of the property there are several small Thai restaurants, a
    grocery shop and a number of small places for fruit, etc.

    The tranquil local beach offers several kilometers of walks along
    pristine beaches, clear of salesmen but with many small restaurants
    and massage shops to help you enjoy you stay in the area. Of the
    coast there are many lovely islands for snorkling and fishing including
    the popular Koh Samet, which can be reached by speed boat in just 15
    All together a place as close to heaven as possible!
    According to the head of Marriott International (who recently opened a
    hotel 2 kilometers from CET) this area will be one of the most attractive
    in Asia in the near future.
    It is with deep regret that we have to sell now but we hope to find
    someone who will love the property as much as we have. The
    purchase could also be done by taking over the shares in the company.

    Looking to the future, in keeping with other major cities around the
    world, it is likely that more and more people working in the city of
    Bangkok might make their main home in the Mae Phim area and
    commute to a city condo or rental apartment during the week, thus
    avoiding expensive Bangkok homes and taking advantage of the
    cheaper prices and electing for a more affordable and spacious luxury
    countryside home by the ocean. Such has been the case for many of
    the big cities around the world where prices in the city have risen to
    heights which prevent many from owning a decent sized detached
    family home, and thereТs no reason to suspect that the same will not be
    true to some degree in the case of Bangkok.

    Another factor which could boost the ease and speed of commuting to
    and from the capital city and from the new international airport is the
    plan a new high speed rail link between Rayong and Bangkok and the
    plan for the new railway from Beijing over Laos, and which will pass
    through Thailand close to this area. The high speed trains from
    Bangkok will travel at up to 250kmph, reaching Rayong within about an
    hour from Bangkok. Estimated at some 170 billion Thai baht it is one of
    four high speed rail links planned for Thailand, the others being
    Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Bangkok to Nong Kai border with Laos, and
    Bangkok to Hua Hin. Although costly, Deputy Tr

    出售 罗勇 Baan Phe 出售 罗勇 Baan Phe 出售 罗勇 Baan Phe 出售 罗勇 Baan Phe 出售 罗勇 Baan Phe 出售 罗勇 Baan Phe
    出售 罗勇 Baan Phe

    拥有者:  +639297930650 Roger
    语言:    - English - Svenska




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    FANTASTIC THAI RESORT FOR SALE 出售 罗勇 Baan Phe: 单独房子 5-卧室 100 平方米; 出售的价格 - 8900 0000 泰銖    -   泰国公司
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